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TBI Men's Club

Our Mission 

The mission of the Men's Club is to provide a space for men to come together and participate in social, cultural, educational, and service-oriented activities within the synagogue and the broader community.

Some of our goals include:
  1. Building community and fostering social connections among men within the synagogue.
  2. Organizing cultural and educational events, such as lectures, book clubs, and film screenings, that explore Jewish history, culture, and values.
  3. Supporting the synagogue through fundraising and volunteer activities, such as coordinating social events, maintaining the synagogue building and grounds, and providing support for religious services and celebrations.
  4. Engaging in service projects and community outreach, such as volunteering at local food banks or participating in interfaith events.

Overall, the TBI men's club serves as a vehicle for men to come together and actively participate in the life of the synagogue and the broader Jewish community.

Opportunities to Participate

Following are a sample of activities that help us grow the bonds of Men’s Club.

  • Monthly informal get-togethers
  • Jewish rituals: Men’s Club Shabbat, Torah learning
  • Holiday celebrations: Sukkah dinner, World Wide Wrap, Purim Carnival, Mother’s Day brunch
  • Social: movie nights, craft beer/wine tastings, “ethnic” dinners
  • Softball Team

We currently have a six-member executive committee and a board of directors who oversees the routine operation of the Men’s Club.  The standing committees of the Men’s Club include religious, membership, breakfast, program, advertising, finance, memorial book, communications, and sunshine. The Men’s Club provides an opportunity for men to come together to promote Jewish spirit and values by actively participating in social, educational, religious, and service-oriented activities within the synagogue and the broader Jewish community.

Contact Ed Grossman, TBI Men's Club President for additional information.

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyyar 5784