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Learning at Tiferet Bet Israel

Learning is a priority at Tiferet Bet Israel.  We begin with Early Childhood, move on to children and teens through engaging lessons, interactive activities, and joyful celebrations, our Religious School fosters a deep connection to our heritage while nurturing a sense of belonging and unity among our youth and continue to Adult Learning

Early Childhood Education Community

Welcome to our Community! Become a member of TBI and receive discounted ECEC tuition rates*.

TBI's Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Early Childhood Education Community is open five days a week for children 6 weeks – Pre-K with both full and part-time options. To contact TBI's Abramson ECEC please call our school office 610-275-6839, or email our ECEC Director, Michele Fisher.

2024-2025 School Year Registration - Open Now



The Tiferet Bet Israel Religious School 

TBI offers a rich, engaging Jewish educational experiences for children in Kindergarten through 10th grades. The goals of our programs are to bring our students closer to Judaism, provide them with a strong Jewish identity, and kindle a lifetime love of Jewish learning. We accomplish this through engaging experiences that foster a deep sense of Jewish community among the students and their families.


Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the very core of our Jewish synagogue's ethos. We believe that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey that enriches our understanding of our religion, heritage, and the world around us. Our synagogue serves as a vibrant hub of intellectual exploration, offering a diverse range of learning opportunities for individuals of all ages. From engaging Torah study sessions and thought-provoking discussions on Jewish ethics to insightful classes that delve into the intersections of tradition and modernity, our commitment to lifelong learning ensures that every member of our community has the chance to continually deepen their connection to our shared heritage. Whether you're taking your first steps on this journey or seeking to expand your existing understanding, our synagogue is a space where curiosity is embraced, questions are celebrated, and the quest for wisdom is nurtured throughout every stage of life. Join us in our dedication to lifelong learning, as we uncover the timeless truths and contemporary insights that shape our identities as individuals and as a united Jewish community.

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