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Virtual Gatherings


February 22-February 28


Daily Evening Minyan

(Sunday- Thursday)

at 8:00pm

We will be using the same link for all evening Minyan, Sunday through Thursday. The link can be found below.  We are also always looking for people to both lead Minyan & run/manage tech during the service - if this is something you're interested in, please email Paul Stein. We encourage you to download a copy of the Siddur we use for Minyan - Siddur Sim Shalom so that you can easily follow along (it is our goal to utilize screen share when possible). 

Thank you for supporting TBI's Minyan!  

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To call in: 646-558-8656

Meeting ID 841 5851 8952

Meeting Password 2AJCjd


Jewish Law Class

With Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser



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Meeting ID 818 0032 7839

Passcode  9VfNzD

To Call in: 929 205 6099

Passcode: 545322


Purim Meditation –

A Guided Journey to Explore Your Essence

with Rabbi Danielle and Rabbi Anne Feibelman

Wednesday, February 24

10:00am -11:00am

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Meeting ID: 833 4125 3256

Passcode: 306660

The holiday of Purim invites us to look at the masks we wear daily, as colleagues, spouses/partners, professionals, friends, parents, volunteers. On Purim, we dare to remove the masks and look at what lies behind them. In this guided meditation we will reveal our true essence, our identity, as we sit in a welcoming, soothing and peaceful place, exposed to the Divine Light and to ourselves. In keeping with the story of Esther, we will also explore themes of courage and listening to our own voices. There will be time for writing and sharing what you wrote, if desired.



Coffee and Kibbitz

with Matan Silberstein

Thursday, February 25

8:30 am- 9:30am

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Meeting ID 948 1222 1807

Passcode  452904 

To call in: 646-558-8656

Join Matan on zoom for coffee (or tea)!

We will kibbitz, we will kvell, and we are excited for you to join us as we build our TBI connections! #coffeekibbitzkvell



Prayerbook Hebrew


Rabbi Danielle



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Meeting ID: 825 0580 8836

Meeting Password: 643016

To call in: 646-558-8656

Please contact her if you have not already started the class but are interested in joining.




Thursday, Feb 25

(Megillah Chapters 1 - 3)


Join us for a family Megillah reading featuring our 5th grade students, Kesher Academy Teens and TBI members.

Enjoy a 21st Century Purim shpeil, teen produced music video, and Purim songs led by Lisa Ashery, Rory Michelle Sullivan and Edie Harris!

Minyan and Megillah Cont.

(Megillah Chapters 4 - 10)


The adult program will continue with evening minyan followed by the rest of the Megillah reading. Grab your grogger, put on a costume and press play on Purim 2021!

Meeting ID: 968 7554 7841



Torah Study

with Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser

Friday, February 26


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Meeting ID 886 1922 4925

Password  Pm6sHz

To call in: 312-626-6799

Passcode: 436501

Please join Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser and Rabbi Danielle. They will take turns as we meet to discuss Parshat HaShavua (weekly Torah portion) every week. Let’s enjoy a lively Torah discussion together!

“For in the Torah are hidden every wonder and

mystery, and in her treasures is sealed every beauty of wisdom.

-Rabbi Moses ben Nachman (Ramban)


Shabbat Shir

Friday, February 26


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To Call in: 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 835 1108 4520

Password: 2ASS02


Shabbat Morning

Torah Study


Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser

Saturday, February 27


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Meeting ID 849 8217 8549

Password 3n3y47

To call in: 312 626 6799

Passcode: 849749


Shabbat Zone

Saturday, February 27


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Meeting ID 849 8217 8549

Password 3n3y47

To call in: 312 626 6799

Passcode: 849749



TBI Young Families and ECEC

Parent's Night In Mixer

Saturday, February 27th

at 8:30 pm

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Meeting ID: 813 8802 2912

Passcode: 268365

You are invited to bring your favorite cocktail or mocktail and join us after kids' bedtime to relax and hang "in" with other parents. Everyone is encouraged to be creative with their drink recipes! Share your recipes ahead of time by emailing them to Beth Anne Ages ( by Thursday, February 25th, then during the Mixer we'll have a grown up version of show-and-tell. (Bonus points if your recipe goes well with leftover Hamentashen!)



Sunday Morning Minyan 

Hosted by Men's Club

Sunday, February 28


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To Call in: 312 626 6799

Meeting ID 826 1266 3148

Passcode  u06Y9N



TBI Young Families Virtual

Purim Costume Party and

Family Talent Show

Hosted by Morah Haika

Sunday, February 28

4:00 PM

Have a funny joke to tell or a talent that you want to show off? Then this event is for you!




Don't forget to show off your Purim costumes. Costumes encouraged for ALL ages!


Meeting ID: 812 9332 1594

Passcode: 640765


Sat, February 27 2021 15 Adar 5781