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All services are being held virtually. 

We love when our members as well as visitors and guests join us for our worship services at TBI.  We hope you will be a part of the various prayer experiences we have to offer:


Shabbat eve services are at 6:30 PM on Fridays nights:  

Click here for Zoom Link to Join Friday Night Services

Family Kabbalat Shabbat Services with Rabbi Danielle and Lisa Ashery and Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser: 

Come join us for an engaging, upbeat, joyful family friendly service. This service is filled with music, movement, and opportunities for students and families to feel safe and empowered to explore leading t’filah. 

September 11, October 30, November 20, December 4, January 22, February 19, March 12, April 9, May 14, Jun 4

Kol Shabbat with Rory Michelle and Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser:

Bring your voice - and your instruments - to elevate Shabbat! We will sing melodies both fun and moving to get into the Shabbat spirit. Whether accompanied with guitar or simply reveling in the power of our voices individually and collectively, we will usher in Shabbat together with joy and anticipation.

September 25, October 9, October 23, November 6, December 11, January 8, January 29, February 5, March 5, March 19, April 30, May 21

Shabbat Shir with Hazzan Arlyne Unger and Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser:

Shabbat Shir features a blend of contemporary and traditional melodies with guitar accompaniment to usher in your Shabbat experience. We will sing old favorites and make some new favorites. Also, join in a few contemplative moments to take a break from the stresses of our lives. And we will sing joyfully with ruach in heartfelt song and prayer!

October 16, November 27, December 18, January 1, February 26, April 16, June 11


Shabbat morning services are held at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning: 

Click here for Zoom Link to Join Shabbat Morning Services

Shabbat Zone with Hazzan Arlyne Unger and Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser

Join Rabbi Eliseo Rozenwasser and Hazzan Unger for a Learner's Minyan.  This service in in lieu of a traditional service and will provide a comfortable environment for all who participate.  We encourage families to join us together to practice having an aliyah to the Torah, and for students to take part in the service.  Every session we feature a different theme.

October 24, November 14, January 9, February 27


Contemplative Shabbat with Rabbi Danielle and Hazzan Arlyne Unger

Join Rabbi Danielle and Hazzan Unger for a Shabbat morning experience filled with song, meditation, and teachings inspired by the rhythm of the Hebrew calendar and the parasha of the week. All are welcome and no meditation experience required. 

November 21 


Daily Minyan 

Sunday through Thursday at 8:00 PM: 

Click here for Zoom Link to Join Evening Minyan



Sunday Morning Minyan hosted by Men's Club 

every week at 9:30 AM 

Click here for Zoom Link to Join Sunday Morning Minyan


Please contact the TBI office for details. Click Here For Synagogue Calendar

Please know that Tiferet Bet Israel is committed to being accessible to all of our members and guests. Click here for more information.


The siddurim we use for our services can be downloaded using the links below:



Siddur Sim Shalom: Morning Service for Weekdays (including Hallel, Hoshanot, and Musaf for Rosh Hodesh and Hol Ha-moed)

Siddur Sim Shalom: Evening Service for Weekdays (including Motzei Shabbat)



Siddur Lev Shalem: Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Evening Service

Siddur Lev Shalem: Shabbat Morning (with additions for Shabbat Rosh Hodesh)


Directions to download the pdf of Siddurim:

Go to Rabbical Assembly Website to download the pdf of the siddur for each service you are attending.


Once you click on the link above, fill out your name, email address and synagogue.

Click on the box to accept terms.

Check the boxes of the siddurim you want to download

Click submit

The next page will give you the links to click on to download the pdf of each siddur.

Click on the one you want, the siddur will then open on a new tab and then click on the upper right hand corner the arrow and line icon to download the siddur to your computer.

Repeat prior step for each siddur you would like to download.

Fri, May 7 2021 25 Iyyar 5781