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Rabbi Search

Welcome to the Rabbi Search webpage, your source for all things related to the Rabbi Search.  Please check here for regular updates and any necessary information regarding all aspects of the search.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please email us.

Emily Cutler & Matt Seltzer
Rabbi Search Co-chairs (click here for bios)

Our Committees:

Rabbi Search Visioning Task Force: 
Amy Cohen  ♦  Marilyn Gross  ♦  Susan Kasper  ♦  Andy Siegel  ♦  Harris Zettler

Visioning Task Force responsibilities:
The Rabbi Search Visioning Task Force will begin its work in January 2021 and complete its work in late spring 2021.  The task force will be responsible for developing a survey of the congregation to determine the needs and wants of the congregation in our new rabbi, through the lens of the Rabbinical Assembly’s Rabbi Search questionnaire.  The task force will distribute the survey, and compile and evaluate the results of the survey.  The task force will also lead zoom parlor meetings.  The youth of the synagogue will also be asked to create short videos sharing what they would like in our new rabbi.  The task force will be responsible for compiling and interpreting all the information from the survey, parlor meetings, and the youth videos to help inform the Search Committee’s completion of the Rabbinical Assembly’s Rabbi Search questionnaire and guide our search. 

Rabbi Search Committee:  bios coming soon

Debbie Goldberg  ♦  Fred Karpf  ♦ Susan Kasper  ♦ Adam Schulang  
Andy Siegel  ♦ Wendy Simkin  ♦  Art Skaroff  ♦  Heather Stein  ♦ Mark Style

Susan Kasper and Andy Siegel have been asked and have agreed to serve on the Visioning Task Force as well as on the Rabbi Search Committee to ensure continuity of the task force’s work.

Rabbi Search Committee responsibilities:

The work of the Rabbi Search Committee will begin in mid- to late-spring 2021 and continue until a new Rabbi has signed a contract, hopefully in the spring of 2022.  The Rabbi Search Committee will be responsible for completing and submitting the Rabbinical Assembly’s Rabbi Search questionnaire, based on the feedback and input provided by the Visioning Task Force.  The Committee will then be responsible for screening resumes of candidates, conducting initial zoom interviews, doing reference checks, conducting in person interviews during candidate visits, evaluating feedback from the visits and ultimately making a recommendation to the Board of Directors for hiring a new Rabbi. 

Timeline of the Search:

January – May 2021 – The Visioning Task force will create, distribute, and compile results of a congregational survey, as well as host and compile feedback from a number of focus groups and parlor meetings, conducted over zoom.

May – August 2021 – The Rabbi Search Committee will complete the Rabbinic Assembly Questionnaire, based on the information gathered by the Visioning Task Force.

September 2021 – The RA Questionnaire will be submitted.

Fall 2021 – The Search Committee will screen and do reference checks on candidates interested in the position.  Preliminary interviews will also be conducted over zoom.  

Winter 2021/2022 – The Search Committee will continue to screen and do reference checks on candidates interested in the position as well as conducting preliminary interviews.  The committee will begin to plan in-person candidate visits.  

Winter 2022 – The Committee will continue to review candidates and conduct in person visits.  

Spring 2022 – The Search Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding a candidate for the Rabbi position.  

July 1, 2022 – Our new Rabbi will officially begin. 

Additional Opportunities for Community Involvement:

We will very much appreciate your participation in every aspect of this process, as we will need everyone’s input to select the Rabbi who will lead TBI forward to be the congregation and community we know it can be.  We are going to have many opportunities for the entire congregation to participate in this endeavor.  We will keep you updated on our search process and, in the coming weeks, should have a web page on the TBI website to help keep everyone informed.  Please email us at at any time with your thoughts and feedback.  

Search Updates:  Click here for our most recent communications regarding the search. 

Hiring Process: 

The process for hiring a rabbi for a conservative shul, such as ours, is managed by the Joint Placement Commission (“JPC”), a partnership among the Conservative theological seminaries (JTS and Ziegler), the Rabbinical Assembly’s (“RA”) Career Center and the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism (USCJ).   According to the RA’s guide for rabbi searches, the JPC’s role is to ensure that congregations and candidates follow the rules and practices that have been developed for search/hiring, referred to as the “Placement Code.” This includes waiver procedures for congregations wishing to consider rabbis who are not members of the RA.  By participating in this formal search process, we gain access to qualified candidates as well as resources and support from the Career Center and our USCJ representative. 

The first step of this process is self-reflection.  Our Visioning Task Force has begun to plan events and opportunities for us to embark on this self-reflection and we very much look forward to everyone’s participation in the upcoming parlor meetings and the congregational survey to help us reflect on our strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.   We know that we can find a rabbi who will be a wonderful fit for our congregation’s continued spiritual growth and community development.


We will be adding resources and more information to this page as the search progresses. 


Tue, October 26 2021 20 Cheshvan 5782