TBITeen Babysitters Form

Occasionally TBI congregants ask TBI staff for babysitting referrals.  If you are interested in being considered for these jobs, please fill out the below form.  Once we receive your completed form, we will forward an additional release form.  When you return the release, you will be added to the TBI babysitting referral list.

When TBI receives a babysitting inquiry, all babysitters who fit the profile requested (age and availablity), will be contacted via email by Hilary.  Hilary will introduce the first babysitter to respond and the parent requesting a sitter via email.  At that point you and the parent may exchange contact info- your contact information will not be shared prior to this point.  Feel free to contact Hilary with any questions at [email protected]

Check all that apply
A "parent's helper" cares for a child or children while the parent is at home doing other things in the house. "Parents's helpers" may also help care for a child or children on an outing, running errands or at the park, for example.
Please share any child care or babysitting experience you may already have, including any certifications you may have earned in a babysitting, first aid, or cpr type class. Prior experience is optional and not necessary to register!!