Joining a community can be scary. It's countercultural – we live in a world where we often refrain from joining. It's risky – we are scared of rejection and hurt. It's bold – it takes a lot of courage to embrace a community, and it takes a lot of courage to let oneself be embraced by it.

We would like you to join our community. We want to embrace you, in the hard parts of your life, in the joyous parts of your life, in the parts of your life that are lonely, in the parts of your life that are full. We want to walk with you on a Jewish path, to find meaning and Torah and God in a world where these things sometimes might be hidden.

Membership at Tiferet Bet Israel is renewed annually, from July 1 through June 30. New members and inquiries from prospective members are welcome throughout the year. We encourage visits to services and activities and hope that our current members will feel free to bring their friends and neighbors. 

Periodically we schedule events that allow new and prospective members to meet and mingle with one another and with TBI “veterans”. Watch for our next New Members' Shabbat for a special welcome.

An important element in working with new and prospective members is person-to-person contact. When someone inquires about TBI we contact them by phone and are glad to meet them for a tour of the building. Once a household affiliates with TBI we hope to keep them on our radar to help them get acquainted. In a sense, everyone at Tiferet Bet Israel is a member of the Membership Committee. We would love to have volunteers to help plan events, serve as buddies for new members, phone new members inviting them to events, etc., and invite you to contact one of us co-chairs to participate. But if you do nothing else, please consider yourself deputized: When you see someone you don’t know, smile and say Shalom!

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