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Commit to tBI

We would like you to join our community. We want to embrace you, in the joyous parts of your life, in the hard parts of your life, the parts of your life that are lonely, in the parts of your life that are full. We want to walk with you on a Jewish path, to find meaning, Torah, and God in a world where these things sometimes might be hidden.

Tiferet Bet Israel has always been in the forefront of change. We were one of the first egalitarian synagogues that embraced women reading from the Torah and participating on the bima. As interfaith families became a growing component of our membership, we welcomed non-Jewish spouses as part of our community. We are now faced with new challenges that require us to evaluate who we are as a congregation and how we are and how we are going to thrive in years to come.

Like a growing number of synagogues, we have resolved to move away from this funding model. Instead, we are planning to implement, as of July 2020, a new system in which we will ask each of you to make a commitment in which you will decide what level of contribution to TBI is appropriate for you. This commitment should be based on the value you feel you receive from being a member of our community. We will suggest  an amount we hope members will consider giving, a “sustaining amount” that will allow us to continue providing the services and programs you have come to depend on and enjoy. The decision to give more, or less, than the “sustaining amount” will be up to you.

Our new approach is termed “Heshbon Lev”-giving of the heart. In establishing this new model of giving we be eliminating “Yachad,” our annual fundraising request, as well as fees for attending most events and programs. The only other request that TBI will make will be voluntary payment of Men’s Club or Women’s League dues, which we certainly hope you will support, and an annual gala event. Men’s Club and Women’s League will continue to contribute to TBI’s revenue as they have in the past and both organizations are reviewing what events and activities they will promote.

Periodically we schedule events that allow new and prospective members to meet and mingle with one another and with TBI “veterans.” Watch for our next New Members' Shabbat for a special welcome. An important element in working with new and prospective members is person-to-person contact. When someone inquires about TBI we contact them by phone and are glad to meet them for a tour of the building. Once a household affiliates with TBI we hope to keep them on our radar to help them get acquainted. In a sense, everyone at Tiferet Bet Israel is a member of the Membership Committee. We would love to have volunteers to help plan events, serve as buddies for new members, phone new members inviting them to events, etc., and invite you to contact one of us co-chairs to participate. But if you do nothing else, please consider yourself deputized: When you see someone you don’t know, smile and say Shalom!

What is in your heart? Our tradition says that a synagogue is three things in one place: a house of prayer, a house of gathering, and a house of study. Tradition also teaches that the world stands on three things, Torah, avodah and gemilut hasadim- learning, work and acts of loving kindness. Each of us is drawn to our synagogue community because we value one or more of these elements. Learning, being among our people, music, reflection, shared values, the opportunity to be of service, the knowledge that others are there to help you when needed: what parts of Tiferet Bet Israel do you hold dear? Heshbon Levv-giving of the heart- ask you to look inward, to consider what you value, and to make a commitment to support Tiferet Bet Israel to the deepest extent possible.

You are part of us; we are part of you.

What is Heshbon Lev, and how does it work? 

Heshbon Lev is a new financial model that emphasizes building community and creating value for you as a member.  We will provide you with information about the full financial needs of the community, and suggest a “sustaining amount” that represents our operating cost, divided by the number of member units in the community. You choose the level of fiscal commitment. Regardless of the amounts you contribute, you will be a member of the synagogue, entitled to all its benefits.

There are several goals:

To empower you to give from the heart as you see fit- instead of a ‘fee for service’ dues structure.

To engage our community in a new way.

To reduce financial barriers to joining our community.

To change Tiferet Bet Israel’s culture of giving.

To improve financial transparency and make all of us partners in the success of our synagogue.

When I make my Heshbon Lev commitment, what am I paying for? What is not included?

Your Heshbon Lev contribution will cover items previously paid for by dues, by the building fund and building sustaining fee, and by Yachad, our annual fundraising drive. We will no longer charge for reserved High Holy Day seating or parking. Social, educational and cultural events (community dinners, concerts, Bingo) will not be used as fundraisers. All synagogue-wide fundraisers except the annual gala will be discontinued; the gala will continue to be a great opportunity to honor our dedicated congregants. If you have a child in the Abramson ECEC or TBI’s Religious School, you will continue to pay tuition and fees. There will also continue to be membership dues for Women’s League, Men’s Club, and USY.

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