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From the President


I'm honored to serve you and incredibly proud to be part of this sacred community. 

It is our community's shared vision to look at the three pillars of Judaism and connect our work to these powerful themes, always keeping conservative Judaism and TBI relevant and meaningful to our community: 

Torah - the spiritual connection and Jewish identity that is rooted in the Torah is manifested at TBI through our services, unique and innovative programs that connect present day Judaism to key themes and rituals, linking generation to generation. 

Avodah - literally means work, but it also means service. Other congregational leaders and I will be diligent to listen to our community and work to strengthen communication and transparency. We will come together, finding new ways to serve our heritage and fulfill our mission.

G'milut Hasidim - acts of loving kindness, to each other and to those outside the TBI walls. A cornerstone of our community is performing mitzvot and giving back to make the world a better place. Our Hesed committee has been revitalized and will provide a great foundation and connection point for this essential work. 

I look forward to our sustaining together an engaged, invigorated community with worship and music and education through passionate and connected members, while working closely with our professional staff.

From my family to yours, I warmly embrace you as part of our community.




Sun, May 28 2023 8 Sivan 5783