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TBI Volunteer Leadership


Jeff Llewellyn



Jeff Llewellyn President
Rachel Blum Vice President
Cheryl Jarvis Vice President
Beth Pfeifer Vice President
Paul Stein Vice President
Keith Drobnes Treasurer
Debbie Buch Secretary
Fred Karpf Solicitor
Andrew Siegel Solicitor
Rebecca Cornacoff Immediate Past President

Auxiliary Presidents

Rachel Laird Women's League Co-President
Heather Stein Women's League Co-President
Fred Katz Men's Club President
Ben Simkin Men's Club President

General Board

  • Gad Ages
  • Ceil Cable
  • Judith Chinn
  • Robert Cohen
  • Judith Felgoise
  • Jordan Friter
  • Debra Goldberg
  • Edward Grossman
  • Karen Horn
  • Jacqueline Lobell
  • Andrew Ozer
  • Rebecca Peikes
  • Stacy Seltzer
  • Janet Smith
  • Michael Wasserman
  • Fred Weiss


Committees & Chairpersons

Building & Grounds- Oversees the building maintenance and outside grounds. Chair Mike Radel

Cemetery- Oversees the maintenance of the grounds of our congregational cemetery.  Facilitates and records purchase of burial plots. Chair Mike Radel

Education- Provides policy guidance concerning our educational programs.  Includes Early Childhood, Religious School, B’nai Mitzvah, High School & adult learning. Co-Chairs Beth Anne Ages and Stacy Seltzer

Endowment- Administers TBI endowments and funds for TBI’s future. Chair  Doug Schleicher

Engagement & Marketing- Attract new members & ensure satisfaction of existing members. Chair  Rachel Blum

Finance- Reviews and maintains the annual budget and financial operations of TBI. Chair Keith Drobnes

Hesed- Visits the sick and homebound; supports families in mourning; assists with providing for concrete needs at times of crisis. Chair Emily Cutler

Hinei MaTov- Prepares Kiddish luncheons. Chair TBD

Human Resources- Coordinates personnel policies and evaluations. Chair Lauren Siegel

Jewish Living-  Promotes Jewish religious engagement in the kehillah by supporting a brand of Judaism that is authentic, loving, traditional and inclusiveChair Debbie Goldberg

Leadership Development- Identifies candidates for leadership positions.  Co-Chairs Carl Weiner & Doug Schleicher

Men's Club- Co-Presidents Fred Katz & Ben Simkin 

Women's League- Co-Presidents   Rachel Laird & Heather Stein

Young Families- Creates opportunities for couples and families with young children to explore and cultivate Jewish life. Chair Debbie Everett


Tiferet Bet Israel Bylaws

Tiferet Bet Israel Board Covenant

Congregation Code of Conduct

TBI Shalom Bayit Policy

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782