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Youth Groups         

Welcome TBI YOUth where everything is all about YOUth at TBI!!

Our goal is to get our Jewish kids, tweens, and teens involved with other Jewish YOUth, and keep them involved throughout their time here at TBI, and beyond. 


United Synagogue Youth (USY) is the Youth movement of Conservative Judaism.  On the International level, USY has over 20,000 members in grades 8-12.  These members are divided into 17 regions. Each region maintains affiliates from synagogues. TBI is part of the Mizrach Region of USY.  TBI USYERS have traveled to Israel as participants in USY Summer and School Year Programs, across the United States as delegates to the annual USY international convention, and throughout Eastern Pennsylvania as delegates to various regional conventions throughout the year.  TBI USY is lead by the TBI USY Board. USY membership is $50 for the year (unless you are redeeming your Bar/Bat Mitzvah certificate in your 8th grade year, in which case dues are only $23). 

2021-2022 TBI USY Board is forming, so get your applications in today!


Kadima is the junior organization affiliated with USY. Kadima provides programming for 5th-7th graders. Kadima meets approximately once each month, sometimes for programming at TBI and sometimes for programming outside the building.  Kadima events include ice skating, bowling,  sports, movies & dancing, ... the possibilities are endless!  TBI Kadimanicks are active locally as part of our TBI chapter and regionally within the Mizrach Region.  Kadima membership is $25 for the year.


Kadima Junior is the organization affiliated with Kadima.  Kadima Junior (KJ) provides programming for 3rd-4th graders.  KJ meets approximately once each month along with Kadima for programming at TBI or at other venues.  KJ events include movie days, ice skating, eating together, and other fun activities! Junior Kadimaniks are active locally as part of our TBI chapter.  Kadima Junior membership is $15 for the year.

For more information about any of our youth programming, contact TBI's Youth Director, at

or simply continue on the TBI website to -> Youth Groups -> TBI Youth Groups Membership Forms.



Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyyar 5782