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Women's League of TBI  


Women's League Shabbat

Friday, March 13 - Saturday March 14th

30 years Of Women's League @ TBI

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5780-5781 (2019 – 2021)

Our 2019-2021 Women's League Officers:

Co-President                                                      Jacqueline Lobell
Co-President                                                      Beth Pfeifer
Vice President Education                           Amy Spitofsky
Vice Presidents Fundraising                     Brandi Lerner
Treasurer                                                              Robin Burstein

Financial Secretary                                         Ariel Drobnes
Communications Secretary                       Rachel Laird
Recording Secretary                                      Lynda Lyons
Parliamentarian                                                Deborah Buch
Immediate Past President                          Rebecca Cornacoff
General Board of Directors:

Beth Ann Ages     Risa Altman    Hillorie Applebaum     Ellen Braun
Barbara Bray        Cecilia Cable   Amy Cohen     Emily Cutler
Myra Goldman     Terry Hoffman     Debby Peikes-Cohen
Fran Radel        Lauren Siegel     Carol Silver
Boni Silverman     Heather Stein     Gail Sutton
Tara Ticktin    Terri Wolfman

International Board Members:  Fran Radel, Anna Trachetenberg
Mid-Atlantic Region Officers:  Ceil Cable

Women's League Judaica Gift Shop

During School Year
Sundays - 9am - 12:00 pm
Tuesdays - 4pm - 8:30pm

Or by Appointment/during the summer
Barbara Bray - 484-370-2690

To check out our amazing collection and keep up to date on Gift Shop News visit our facebook page:


Volunteers Needed!    Click here to sign up for Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon hours:

Torah Fund

Torah Fund is a Women's League initiative to support Conservative seminaries.  Each year, donors of $180 or more receive a beautiful pin as a thank you gift. The 5780 (2019-2020) Torah Fund pin depicts a heart surrounded by three circles, one larger than the next. This symbolizes the heart of kindness, which Jews enact in ever-widening realms of generosity: from family, to community, to the larger world; from North America, to Israel, to the world; or from sisterhood, to region, to the larger world of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. And as it is said in Psalm 89, may we build a world of kindness.  The word Chesed is also on this year's pin. Chesed means “kindness” in Hebrew. The word can also be translated as “lovingkindness,” to convey the deep love that animates Jewish acts of kindness, done without thought of reward.  

By making your donation of $180 or more, you  will be committing an act of Chesed and you will be able to show your support by wearing this lovely pin.


Torah Fund Greeting Cards Available!

Another way to support Torah Fund is by purchasing five beautiful greeting cards which are available in the TBI Gift Shop. Preview them there, and support our seminaries with your purchase.  Preview the pin below. Contact Terri Wolfman for details.

For more information, please contact our Torah Fund Chair, Terri Wolfman at [email protected] 

Z’havah 5780 (2019 – 2020)

Join us for an incredible year of creative programming designed for women 30ish to 50ish—keeping in mind your interests, your schedules, and your obligations. Who we are We are young women of diverse backgrounds and interests: some work full-time, part-time, or stay-at-home; some have children in preschool and some at college; and some are single, divorced, have significant others, newly-married or have been married for a while. Wherever we are in life, one thing is certain: Z’havah is the means for you to develop lasting friendships, enrich your lives, expand your community, learn new skills, and help others.  This year's gatherings range from Dinner in the Sukkah to local hikes, and from volunteering at a local charitable organization to a spa day in the Salt Caves.  

To learn about our upcoming events and to get more information or to get involved, please contact co-chairs: Jen Jacobs ([email protected]) or Lauren  Siegel ([email protected])


TBI Women’s League Calendar 2019 -2020 - as of 12-01-19


8-11 Dec, Sun-Tues        Children’s Hanukkah Shop, Conference Room

11 Dec, Wed                       Seniors Luncheon, 11:30 AM

15 Dec                                     Second Gift Shop Sale

16 Dec, Mon                        Executive & General Board Meeting 7 PM


13 Jan, Mon                            Executive & General Board Meeting 6:30 PM

23, Jan, Thu                             WL Evening Program (WL sponsored Women’s Circle)

27 Jan, Mon                            Women’s Circle with Rabbi Danielle

10 Feb, Mon                            Executive & General Board Meeting 7 PM

23 Feb, Sun                              Hamentashen Baking Kitchen 8:30-Noon (w/RS classes)

29 Feb, Sat                               TBI Gala

5 March, Thurs                      Purim Bag Filling (10AM)

8 Mar, Sun                               Purim Carnival

9 Mar, Mon                              Purim Megillah Event

13 - 14 Mar                             WL Shabbat

16 Mar, Mon                           Executive & General Board Meeting 6:30 PM

18 Mar, Wed                            Seniors Luncheon, 11:30 AM

26 Mar, Thu                            WL Rosh Hodesh (7:00 PM offsite)

8 Apr, Wed                              First Seder                               

19 Apr, Sun                              Torah Fund Event (Off-Site)

27 Apr, Mon                            Executive & General Board Meeting 7 PM

22 Apr, Wed                            Seniors Luncheon, 11:30 AM

6 May, Wed                             TBI Bingo

7 May, Thu                              Women’s Circle with Rabbi Danielle

13 May, Wed                           Seniors Luncheon, 11:30 AM

18 May, Mon                           Executive & General Board Meeting 7 PM

20 May, Wed                           Ladies Night Out 6pm

8 Jun, Mon                              Executive & Gen. Board Meeting - Budget & Calendar

Jun TBD                                   Rummage Drop Off

Jun TBD                                   Rummage Set-up

Jul 12-14                                 Rummage Sale

Jul 14                                         Rummage Clean-up