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After splitting their games this season, the two TBI softball teams, the Royals and Men’s Club met last night in the rubber match with everything on the line – DVSL playoff advancement/elimination, bragging rights as the best TBI squad in the building, and choice High Holiday seating (sources still in midst of confirming with Susan Kasper).

The Royals were the home team by virtue of a better regular season record.  TBIMC struck first in the top of the first as hits from Rob Pfeiffer and Andy Siegel, along with three errors (two on one play) led to a 3 run inning. In the bottom of the first, shortstop Matt Seltzer made two slick plays on hard hit balls to hold TBIR at bay. After retiring TBIMC in order in the 2nd, TBIR put two men on base with no one out on a single from Neal Jacobs and an error but couldn’t capitalize. 

TBIR flashed leather in the 3rd as Brett Rosen, Jason Saylor and Neal Jacobs turned a double play to end a threat.  In the bottom of the 3rd, controversy struck as Matt Hirsch drew a lead-off walk but then was called out for leading, a rare call indeed, and one not usually made in playoff situations. Not surprisingly, this upset TBIR captain Mark Schwartz, who accused the umpire of taking over the game.  The call did have an impact as not only did it kill a possible TBIR rally, but the momentum swung TBIMC’s way in the top of the 4th as singles by Matt Seltzer, Rob Pfeiffer, David Tener, Rick Mosenkis, and Brad Shapiro, interspersed with an error and sacrifice flies from Andy Siegel and Uzi Kowit led to 4 more runs.

In the bottom of the 4th, TBIR got on the board with singles from Brett Rosen, Mark Schwartz, and Neal Jacobs, followed by a Jon Dorfman sacrifice fly.

TBIMC picked up where they left off in the 4th with a 6 run 5th inning led by hits from Adam Polis, Jordan Friter, Mark Style, David Tener, Andy Siegel, Lou Fromm, and Rick Mosenkis, along with a walk drawn by Matt Seltzer and 2 more TBIR errors.  Style had the most damaging hit of the inning, a foul ball that smashed the windshield of a passing car on North Wales Road.  The person in the car stopped, got out, paused, then got back in the car and drove away.  Murray, if you are reading this, have no worries – although the TBI teams never received a league certificate of insurance, we are confident the commissioners of the league have provided adequate liability insurance covering this hazard.  Controversy again reared its ugly head mid-inning as Andrew Lerner, pinch running for a meniscus-tearing prone Mark Style, collided with TBIR catcher Paul Stein on a play at the plate and was called safe.  Cap’n Schwartz again came out to argue the call and cited the rule book which clearly states that a runner must slide or surrender to avoid a collision.  Unfortunately for him, the umpire had also clearly stated to the captains in the pre-game ground rules that runners had to touch the home plate extension with no exceptions – and he ruled Andrew was trying to do this.  The real good news coming from this was that neither Paul or Andrew were injured on the play.

In the bottom of the 5th, after a Rick Mosenkis web gem of a back handed catch of a sinking line drive, TBIR loaded the bases on a hit by Howie Cutler and walks to Steve Granger and Paul Stein. Jason Snyderman then hit a long fly to deep left that Rick Mosenkis kept going back and back and back on, finally making a nice catch near the fan base, again ending a TBIR threat.  In the bottom of the 6th, Mark Schwartz started a two out rally with a double and scored following singles by Neal Jacobs and Jon Dorfman and a walk to Jordan Shindell.  With the bases again loaded, the inning ended on a long fly ball from Jason Saylor to deep right center.

TBIMC tacked on 4 more runs in the top of the 7th on a walk to Jordan Friter and hits from Andrew Lerner, Rob Pfeiffer, David Tener, Andy Siegel, and Rick Mosenkis.  In the bottom of the 7th, TBIR mounted a final threat with Howie Cutler drawing a lead-off walk and then embarking on a challenging path to third base on a Matt Hirsch single to right, taking a spill halfway to the bag and scrambling in off-balanced the rest of the way.  He scored on a fielder’s choice, and TBIR added another run on a Paul Stein hit before the game ended on a terrific diving shoestring catch from Jordan Friter on a screaming liner from Brett Rosen.

Final score 17-4 in favor of TBIMC, now officially the best TBI softball team at the synagogue, winner of 3 of their last 4 games, and further along in the playoffs than ever.  TBIR completes a very respectable first season in the league with 7 wins. After the game, about 20 people celebrated the camaraderie among the teams at the Whitpain Tavern.

TBIMC will next play Goldstein’s in the 4th round of the Silver Cup - another rematch.  TBIMC has had good fortune in its rematches, beating KA to get into the playoffs, AJ in the second round, and TBIR in the third round.  Goldstein’s had beaten TBIMC in the first round – will the pattern repeat itself and will TBIMC remain undefeated in August?

Game will be this Thursday 6:00 pm at Mondauk 5 (the field off of Broad St - not the one next to Temple Sinai).  Come out and catch the excitement!

Your Captains


After winning 3 of its last 4 in playoff/play-in games, and coming off its highest scoring game of the year against its TBI sister team the Royals (17 runs), TBI Men’s Club found itself again facing the #1 seeded Goldstein’s team in a 4th round elimination playoff game, the furthest playoff advancement in the history of TBI softball.

In this round, the teams got the privilege of having two umpires officiate the game instead of one, to increase the probability of correct calls being made.  Prior to the game, the umpires told the team captains that the captains had the right to appeal any calls by one umpire to the other umpire and the umpires were obligated to huddle up and make a final call together.

TBIMC got off to a good start, with a Rob Pfeiffer leadoff walk followed by consecutive singles by Rick Mosenkis and David Tener to score Rob with the game’s first run, equaling TBIMC’s full game run output in the previous game against this team.  Andy Siegel came up and lined a shot right at the second basemen who caught it and doubled off the runner at 2nd to effectively end the rally. 

In the bottom of the first, Goldstein’s first 8 batters reached safely on 7 hits and a walk.  One runner was clearly out heading to third on a hit but was called safe.  Up came batter #9 who lined a shot down the left field line.  Rick Mosenkis gazelle’d over and made an incredible diving backhanded catch on the left field line.  He threw the ball in to double off the runner at third and first for TBIMC’s first ever triple play...except…the home plate umpire ruled that the runner on third had tagged up to score.   When the TBI captains appealed to the field umpire, they were told by the home plate umpire that the play could not be appealed, contrary to the pre-game instructions.  By the end of the first, Goldstein’s had a 7-1 lead.

In the 2nd, consecutive hits from Brad Shapiro, Adam Polis, Aaron Mondelblatt, and Andrew Lerner put two more runs on the board with Andrew’s hit a monster 2-run double that sailed over the fleet Goldstein’s outfielders’ heads. In the third, Andy Siegel’s sacrifice fly scored Rob Pfeiffer to close the gap to 7-4.  And that was as close as the TBIMC team would get as Goldstein’s bats pounded out 12 unanswered runs over the next 4 innings to win going away 19-4.  The TBIMC team knew it wasn’t their night when “minister of defense” star outfielder Rob Pfeiffer dropped a fly ball for the first time possibly ever.  There was also a scary moment when a hard groundball took a crazy hop on Adam Polis, giving him a shiner and temporary very high cheekbone on one side of his face.  Luckily, he was OK enough to be given clearance to join 8 other players for food, drink, revelry, and a karaoke DJ at the Lucky Well afterward to celebrate the end of a fun and successful season together.

But of course, the TBI softball season never really ends and events have already been and are being planned for the off-season for both TBI teams.  Lots of creative event ideas were discussed for the offseason and all players are encouraged to share and plan event ideas with their captains.  Don’t be surprised for example, if the TBIMC team provides an opportunity for the TBI Royals team to exact revenge in a paintball, bowling, go-cart, football, Skyzone dodgeball, and/or kids softball game. 

Congratulations to both TBI softball teams on great seasons and a BIG THANK YOU to our families, fans, Men’s Club, and TBI leaders for your ongoing support throughout this year and in advance for next year! 

Mark and Adam




Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780